Little Bits of Faire
The album is available from us at the events we attend for only $10.

You can also order them online by either emailing me to request a snail mail address for a check, or you can purchase them through PayPal by clicking on the graphic below:

Note that by ordering them this way, there is an extra $2 fee for shipping and handling.

Below is a listing of all of the tracks on this CD in order. You can click on any of the songs to listen to an excerpt from the song (in MP3 format).
  1. Whiskey In The Jar
  2. Tippin' It Up To Nancy
  3. Wild Rover
  4. Dulamon
  5. All For Me Grog
  6. Float
  7. Only A Woman's Heart
  8. Pretty Peg
  9. Spancil Hill
  10. Devil's Dance Floor
  11. So Do I
  12. Welia Walia
  13. The Rattlin' Bog
  14. Daddy-O
  15. The Little Drummer
  16. Jabberwocky
  17. Mary Mac
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