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The band! We are Jingly Bits, a family trio of minstrels that brings our unique blend of traditional and more contemporary English and Irish folk music to Renaissance Faires and Celtic festivals. Originally hailing from the Valley of the Molten Sand, we have re-located to La Roche Petite du Nord. Sadly, while there was a plethora of faires and festivals to choose from in our old locale, there is a veritable dearth of them here... Alas and alack... Yet we persevere and now again stumble into another venue at which we shall be performing!
The term "Jingly Bits" has several meanings for us. I first used the phrase at renaissance faires when referring to all the bells and bits hanging from my belt. These would make jingling sounds as I strolled along the streets of faire. and the little bits of jingly metal on a tambourine are known as "jingles." Needless to say, 'tis also what we hope good folks will place in our basket upon hearing our music. But thus to that end, "Jingly Bits" was adopted as our name.
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